Different Types Of Bingo Games You Need To Know

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Different Types Of Bingo Games You Need To Know

Different Types of Bingo Games You Need to Know – A fun and exciting game with lots of thrills, Bingo has been around for centuries, tracing its origins back to the Italian lottery, Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. From there, it spread to France, where it was known as Le Lotto and enjoyed by French royalty. In the 18th century the game migrated to Great Britain and other parts of Europe. At this point, one of the first decisions you need to make here is whether to play bingo online or offline.

Bingo 30 balls

The 30 ball bingo is a fast-paced variation of the bingo game. Bingo is played with smaller cards in a 3×3 grid. There are only 30 balls in play. The games are quick and fast, which is a great option for those who want to play bingo but don’t have much time. This is also the ideal bingo variation for those new to bingo. The fewer the number of balls also means that the chances of winning will be higher so that it will be more exciting for the players.

Bingo 75 balls

This type of bingo, is a popular variation of bingo game. It is played with a 5×5 grid of cards. Of these, 24 contain numbers and the middle box is left blank. Bingo is also known for the various patterns that can be used to win gambling games, including the usual patterns such as horizontal, vertical and diagonal patterns and there are also patterns that are much more complex.

Such as “crossed lollipops”, “bench chairs”, “triangle” and “pyramid” patterns. This added level of variety makes this type of bingo game more appealing to players who like a challenge. It can also be played with larger groups of players so the prizes will tend to be bigger.

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What Types of Bingo Games Do You Need to Know?

Bingo 80 ball

This type of bingo game is much more likely to be found online. It uses 4 X 4 squares. Some of the advantages include faster gameplay as games tend to be shorter than traditional 90 ball bingo. There are also various pattern choices that can make the game interesting and challenging, such as four corners, single numbers, and horizontal and vertical lines. Since the numbers played are less, the chances of winning are generally much higher.

Bingo 90 balls

It’s the most popular bingo game out there, which is big, both in terms of numbers and depth of play. This game obviously uses 90 balls. Numbers are displayed randomly across nine columns, with five numbers in each of the three rows, resulting in a total of 15 numbers on each card. The rules can vary per game, but the goal is usually to be able to mark one or two lines or a full house of all the numbers on a card.

Other Types of Bingo Games

If you want to really mix it up, how about considering another bingo game like Slingo or bingo roulette? As mentioned, Slingo is a mix of slots and bingo. You spin the reels to mark the number from your card. You get a Slingo when you mark five numbers diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. This slingo will create award points and the player with the most points wins the game. Another alternative type of bingo is bingo roulette, where a caller spins a wheel to generate numbers.